Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Four days behind schedule

Finally leaving Reykjavik.The mechanical difficulties and logistics to remedy the situation has eaten through Sunday, Monday, and into Tuesday. Paranoia about the reliability of the Traveler's Check rear wheel placement and corresponding rear tire clearance on the rear chainstays, I ditched the dropout spacers in favor of some small screws to hold the hub in the proper forward position without too much reliance on tension from the quick release.

Wide tires and a light luggage load are ideal for the sandy, rough gravel, and likely muddy terrain as it is unseasonably rainy this month.

New rear QR was sourced from our new friends at Kria Cycles located in the old port area of Reykjavik.  They graciously  let me have free run of their shop to fix up Monica's bike. Left payment in the international currency of bike shops, beer.  

The shop's proprietor was a wellspring of knowledge pertaining to mountain biking around Iceland, and he was happy to share his favorite routes. Checkout his website: Icelandtrails.com he's pretty bad ass.

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