Thursday, July 4, 2013

Eleventh Hour...3:44 am July 4

Calorie counting, and weighing food for the coming weeks.

Eight days of food for two people confined to a tightly packed seatpost bag weighing in at 11.75 pounds

mobile pantry, with easy access to camo ultralight Hipwaders for water crossings made by Wiggy's of  Colorado and the fender   flask from King Cage

Concept to reality, made this doodle 5 months ago; 1am test ride:
Ti Bike weighs 26 lbs
Luggage containing food, kitchen , tools, fist aid, my clothing, two sleeping pads, and rain gear weighs 33 lbs.

Steel is real. Surly weighs only a little more than my fancy titanium Merlin.

Packed up in normal sized luggage thanks to the S&SBIKE couplers.
Free checked luggage on Iceland Air

Not giving up any vices this trip.

4am time for a nap. Fly out to Iceland in a few short hours


Great resource for Mount biking trails the world over:
Rough Stuff Fellowship, open source resource for off-road touring started in "1955, long before anyone had ever heard of Marin County. It was formed by cyclists who wanted to get away from roads and cycle off-road on tracks, and byways."

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