Thursday, June 6, 2013


One of the problems with Attention Deficit Disorder is the inability to sustain focus on a single task,   and with just one month until our departure to Iceland, my attention should be on finishing the 650b Travelers Check and converting my Merlin to one armed touring mode.
Instead I have been preoccupied this week with building up a Surly Long Haul Trucker that was relegated for XtraCYCLE duty before I was smitten with the quadruple seat stays and tricolor paint scheme of a vintage Kuwahara ATB mixty for my cargo-bike needs. 

My bike-whisperer ESP was telling me that Trucker was feeling neglected, so I went to work breathing new life into the trusty frame that carried my good friend Pete on an adventure of a lifetime

The end results is a dirt road tourer that is somewhat of a hybrid-homage to old ATB bikes
Rigid steel frame, wide rims, gum wall rubber, mountain gearing, ready for adventure.
Blued-steel Suntour ATB crankset, 26x1.75" Araya rims.
Smooth as silk Suzue sealed bearing hubs
cutting edge for the late 80s
Too bad I can't ride it.

The creative outlet of building this up, refurbishing old parts, and scrubbing of years of grime from the old parts helped lift my spirits after being incapacitated these past 3 weeks due to my recent injury.
I'm hoping to adopt it out to a good home so I can afford to eat next month in Europe,  as the Travelers Check build and other touring necessities have quickly drained my piggy bank over the last 2 months.

Thankfully, I was eventually able to refocus on the more important task at hand...
Can you say monstercross? 
Vee Rubber Mission 650bx2.1 ;  Fatties Fit Fine

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