Thursday, May 16, 2013


My crash two days ago resulted in several minor bruises, lumps, road rash, a tear to rotator cuff, and scrotal hematoma.  Life handed me some figurative "lemons" with my bike accident; and now my testicles are swollen to the size of lemons as a painful reminder of that allegory.

Prognosis on the shoulder is hopeful: keep it immobilized through the next 3 months of summer, then go under the knife in the fall and suffer through the recovery during winter.  This recommendation of complete immobilization imposes some problems for my upcoming month long bike-packing adventures through Iceland and Spain.

In taking a solution focused approach to this problem, I was reminded of Charles Scott McDonald, the cyclocross racer with one arm. Very inspirational guy, instilling confidence in my ability to complete my tour with my arm in a sling.  All i need now is to reroute my shift levers and get a dual pull brake lever


  1. Or for half the price of the PAUL lever get this dual cable set up and use a lever you already own:*-long-pull-dual-linear-cable

  2. Thanks for the heads up on that cable.
    Paul components are shinny but too rich for my blood.
    I'm pretty sure i can find one of these for $10 online, which looks superior in that it has separate barrel adjusters for cable tension.

    or find it for $3 at the bike co-op or trade some beers to one of the bike-polo dudes.