Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

700x23c tires pumped to 120 psi on a svelte single speed feels like lightning after slogging through snow and ice on the fat bike all winter.  Me evening began with a speedy ride on my road bike on the lovely Chester Creek trail that lies just out my back door and snakes it's way across the city.

 I was thoroughly enjoying the ice free pavement.

Spinning as fast as I could, leaning into turns, grinning ear to ear.

All of a sudden I'm airborne; staring down at the pavement, feet rising over my head; bike is inverted.
This can't be good.


Abrupt speed-bump in the middle of the path, directly after a fast sweeping corner, unmarked.

This is surprisingly accurate approximation of what happened.:

Flew 6ish feet, slid a few more, left side of my body took all the impact; my bike was still attached to my feet, and rag-dolled with me.
Gathered my thoughts, no broken bones. Can't move my left arm, blood pooling in my elbow, shoulder and hip;  heavy limp. 

Brittle aluminum frame and carbon fork intact.  Both wheels bent to hell. 

Was on my way to Alaska Leather  to sell some bike parts. 
Not thinking clearly, I limped the busted bike another 3 miles to the motorcycle apparel shop, where I was greeted with a handful of Advil and a cold Sierra Nevada; trading stories for the next hour of two wheeled carnage with the girls behind the counter.  

Talked Alaska Leather into setting up a cup-cake stand for all the bike commuters this Friday!

Made $40 toward my upcoming Iceland / Spain Tour.

Not a horrible night, all things considered.  Not sure if I'll be able to bike to work tomorrow.  


  1. Ouch!
    Towed Coen down Chester Creek over the weekend.
    Looking at the giant cracks running lengthwise down the trail I was imagining how badly one could go down were you to wedge a skinny tire in there.
    Sounds like one should keep an eye out for the speed bumps and frost heaves too.

    Glad you're okay.

  2. I'm feeling much worse today; may warrant a trip to the Dr.