Monday, June 17, 2013

Traveler's Check maiden voyage

Stayed up until 2:00am finally finished up the Traveler's Check build, if I had finished any sooner we wouldn't be able to test out the dynamo lighting.  Monica was thrilled, "the most beautiful bike I've ever seen" she exclaimed.  She intends to put it through some testing tomorrow at the Kincaid single track MTB trails.

 Tire clearance is tight but sufficient
 XTR rim brakes stop better than  my Avid BB7's!
 All it needs now are some Surly Monkey Nuts so I cam slam the rear tire forward in the dropouts to gain some much needed clearance at the chainstay bends..

1 comment:

  1. With a good shimano skewer you should be able to position the wheel wherever you like in the dropout and hold it firmly in place, even with out monkey nuts.
    Or there are adjustment screws for the crosscheck that thread through the back of the drop out and help position the wheel right where you want it.
    I didn't see it on Surly's small parts page, but I know I've bought replacement ones before for my ride.