Thursday, February 14, 2013

rumor mill: fatbikes gaining girth

Fatback/Speedway to be testing prototype 190mm symmetrical rear spaced frames on the ITI race; will be the first symmetrical fatbike frame to clear 100mm rims with the big meat 4.8 tyres.  This will be a good test of the "real world" benefits on expedition riding the maximum floatation vs rolling resistance debate.


  1. Interesting that they didn't spec it with their 'own 90mm rims which through smart design give a tire width of (their) competitors 100's at less weight.'

    Also interesting is their website never actually states what the "smart design" is to make 90=100.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Speedway and their gear, these are just the little things in life that I find amusement in.

  2. It would appear consumer demands trump Speedway's professional opinion.
    Last year, a Speedway employee tried to talk me out of up-sizing to Big Fat Larry tires due to the increased rolling resistance making them impractical and unnecessary. Published weights: UMA III 90mm =1080g & 100mm Clownshoe= 960g; Clownshoe is wider and lighter.

  3. We built the prototype 190 bikes with 100mm rims to check frame clearance on the widest possible setup.
    Not sure who you spoke with about BFL's, but they were incorrect. We have never said the BFL was slower, however, we have said the Bud and Lou are more tire than most folks need for riding in our area.