Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pirating is the mother of invention

In my excitement of bike-tinkering and cannibalizing of parts to build up the travelers-check, my Long Tail Trucker was left without a crankset and front derailleur.  Fortunately I had an old truvative crankest and even older shimano derailleur, but the derailleur was a top-pull and not compatible with the Trucker's down-tube shifters.  The pictures bellow chronicle rerouting the cable by repurposing a spare cantilever brake hanger mounted to the seat-tube at the water bottle cage brazon.  I also used a brake cable for added strength.   Repurposing parts is much more fun, economical, and good for the earth, than buying new parts. 
Fit in some cable housing, and duct-tape it in place: 

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