Friday, December 21, 2012

Skiers are people too

I rode across town today to sell an old pair of skis, so I figured I would post up a couple more pictures of the ski carrying set-up using the Revelate Viscacha (vis-KA-cha) tail bag.  Remember to give plenty of passing room to other cyclists and skiers on the trails.  With those long skis trailing behind the bike,  I almost knocked some dude in the face this morning. 

To protect my bike's blingged out paint job from the ski's razor sharp edges, I put some padding with velcro around the top tube. Note the position of the ski strap around the back of the seat-tube, and under the seat stays. 

Detail of how the skis sit in the straps of the Viscacha bag.
This is an excellent way to test the strength of your old carbon seat posts. 

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