Saturday, December 15, 2012

A.S.S. hurt

Completed the Abominable Snow Series (A.S.S) race #1 today out at Kincaid Park. The snow was quite soft and churned up and I had an initial advantage with wide rims and huge knobby tires, but the heavy Surly and my skinny chicken legs resulted in numerous passes early on. With the leader pack battling it out somewhere up ahead, I settled into a nice pace and enjoyed a solitary 2 hour ride through the woods on a beautiful and brisk (6 deg. F) morning.  

EDIT: finished mid-pack of the 29 open class racers, which is a win in my book considering my prerace performance drink of choice is a gallon of coffee. 

Compliments to the Abominable crew for staking out a fun course.


Post Race Ice Beard

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