Monday, April 22, 2013

Spenarctic Man 2013

Arctic Man is a unique and very Alaskan ski/snowmachine race of 2 person teams begining with a downhill ski race that then involves the skier being towed by a snowmachine at speeds upwards of 80 mph, it is the ultimate "test of the strength of an athlete and the horsepower of a snowmobile."

Spenard is an area of Anchorage that recently earned the city its spot in the list of Travel and Leisure's "best cities for hipsters" , what-ever that means, due to the high concentration of bars, music venues, thrift stores, bike shops, boutiques, and eateries focused on local/ organic cuisine.   Nothing is more "hip" than having fun, being creative, and re-envisioning a highly publicized   corporate sponsored event into a DIY homegrown bike race/costume party/drinking event/ art party/ mobile dance party; hence Spenarctic Man.  Another similar spin-off of Arctic Man is the Turkey Man race, held the day after Thanksgiving by our friend Nate aka Bike Wrider.

The only rule with Spenarctic Man is that there are no rules, but riders typical team up in pairs, some with a unifying costume theme, and bike powered fun ensues.  Good times were had by all.

Tall-Bike Steam Punk
Chariot of Boom; Mobile sound system powered by marine deep cycle battery

None shall pass.


The Mixty Xtracycle easily handled the weight of 2 cases of PBR and my Pretty kitty passenger. 

First check-point.

Pie jousting. 

Boy Scout Gimp; so wrong.

Dino Love.


Flame on. 

..and no this had nothing to do with 4-20. as many gawkers asked.

DIY cardboard and duct-tape koozies.

To the bike nerds: that is a Raleigh XXIX clearing 29x3.0 Surly Knards 
Rode like a BMX on steroids. 

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